notarial SERVICES

Here at Elite consular connections we specialise in the relationships between Ourselves and the Embassies. 

We have very special relationship and we have a pivotal role to play in understanding and serving the Urgency of Commerce and Business; whilst deferring to the Procedure’s and Protocol of Foreign Government. 

For 30 Years we have supplied Legalisation and Visas service to Lawyers, Notaries and Business and Travel Agents.

Should you require Notarial work we can recommend any number from our expert recommended Elite Panel of Notaries. 

Depending on what you require, you have a variable number of suitable Notaries available; all of the highest quality integrity and standing;  weather your inquiry is Commercial or a Personal Private Matter, they will be presented to you, with a view to process the documents to a satisfactory conclusion within your stipulated time frame.

Typically the areas of work they undertake are as follows: 

We work initially across electronic platforms to ensure security and speed of service before the document physically moves anywhere. 

We can where required call to your offices should the matter require a personal appearance to directly supervise and witness the execution of documents requiring notarial attestation.

Other examples typically requiring our attention are:
The processing of tenders, Issuing and allocation of shares, Bills of Lading / Exchange and other Negotiable Instruments, Powers of Attorney, Document Notarisation, Drawing of Bonds, Share Ballots, Attesting and Apostille of shipping with export documentation and Quarterly Insurance returns. 

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